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Alt Rock Radio

Alt Rock Radio

  • Genre: alternative, rock
  • City: Hamilton
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Call sign:CJKP-DB
  • Frequency: Web Radio
  • Language: English
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Alt Rock radio adds a unique flavour to Canada's radio spectrum, playing alternative rock music with an edge. Alt Rock radio can be found in every major city as well as smaller towns across the country, providing a diverse option for listeners who want some variety amongst their radio options. Even during tumultuous times such as the recent pandemic, Alt Rock radio stations still fight to keep alternative and underground music alive, allowing us all to experience something new outside the realm of the popular and pervasive chart-toppers. With its timelessness and boundless creativity, music from this genre lives on through various radio stations, making radio truly an experience everyone should enjoy.



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