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100 Greatest Alma Latina

100 Greatest Alma Latina

  • Genre: latin
  • City: Toronto
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Frequency: Web Radio
  • Language: English
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For radio enthusiasts with Latin American heritage, radio in Canada is an exciting place right now! The radio station, 100 Greatest Alma Latina, offers Canadian radio fans the ability to listen to some of the greatest Latin hits of all time. They feature a wide variety of music that covers both old and new sounds from artists such as Paulina Rubio, Shakira, Juanes and Luis Fonsi. But what really makes this station stand out is their commitment to showcasing independent local talent from all over the northern country. From hip-hop beats to traditional acoustic melodies, this radio has it all! So for those who are interested in getting a little taste of their Latin American culture without leaving home, tune into 100 Greatest Alma Latina radio today!

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